2015 WHERE Challenge Winners

"The WHERE Challenge would like to thank all students who participated in this year's Challenge. The following entries were prepared and researched by students aged 9 to 14 years. While WHERE Challenge judges acknowledge that some entries may contain inaccuracies, they applaud students' efforts and the quality of the entries. The WHERE Challenge winners are as follows:"

Regional Winners - 12-14 years

'The Mysteries of Nickel'
Katiya Gareau-Jones
Garson, ON

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  • Informative and entertaining.

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Kate Medd
Oakville, ON

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  • Strong craftmanship, orignality and good design.

  • Some technical errors.

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Céleste Nantel
Oakville, ON

Honourable Mention

'Dirt Bike from the Dirt'
Carsten Trotter

No prize. Just recognition for a great submission. He was overtime by 50 seconds – but it was very well done.

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  • A tremendous entry that thoroughly addresses the questions of the WHERE Challenge. Excellent Canadian content. Unfortunately, the video exceeds the time limitation of two minutes.

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Regional Winners - 9-11 years

'The Toonie'
Emily Liu and Katrina Stanfield
Toronto, ON

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  • Well done! The presentation could have been improved by including information about the importance of mined materials in every day life.

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'Metal Matters'
Sophia Arellano and Gialia Bautista
Toronto, ON

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  • Story is very lively, engaging and well written.

  • Focus on the the story's structure could have improved this entry.

  • Some minor technical errors.

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'What's in a lunchbag'
Marco Policarpio
Toronto, ON

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  • Makes excellent use of Prezi and uses the graphics to make a strong link between the object and the materials.

  • Science broadly spot on, to appropriate length, and well supported by graphical elements.

  • Improvement of citations and identification of non-free use images is required.

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