2015 WHERE Challenge Winners

"The WHERE Challenge would like to thank all students who participated in this year's Challenge. The following entries were prepared and researched by students aged 9 to 14 years. While WHERE Challenge judges acknowledge that some entries may contain inaccuracies, they applaud students' efforts and the quality of the entries. The WHERE Challenge winners are as follows:"

Regional Winners - 12-14 years

'Why A Dime?'
Taylor Eagles
Saskatoon, SK

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  • Strong creative entry.

  • Well done!

  • Some errors in content. Story based on American dime, which has a different composition from a Canadian dime.

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'Magnetic Attraction: A Love Affair with Rare Earth Magnets'
Julie Krug-MacLeod
Saskatoon, SK

    Judges Comments: click to view

  • Very creative storytelling! An excellent entry.

  • Extensively researched with detailed Canadian connections, including future plans.

  • Strong persuasive argument regarding importance. Detailed storyboard provide a clear plan for the video.

  • Excellent list of references. Audio for digitally altered voices could have been improved.

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'Shoe Laces'
Elizabeth De Cecco
Saskatoon, SK

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  • Well structured.

  • Good use of Prezi.

  • Some errors in content.

  • Entry could have been improved by including information about metals used for an aglet and spending less time on renewable resources.

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